PT Fitness

For anyone looking for a personal trainer in the Amsterdam area! Hybrid Performance has a unique way of training where you can achieve maximum physical and mental fitness. We are your partner for a healthy lifestyle and a better life.

hybrid Performance for lasting results!



The fastest way to your goal! Train at your own pace, follow your own programme and have your own personal trainer. After screening, measurements and an intake, we put together a programme that best suits your body and schedule. 


Training together with your partner, friend or colleague? Then the Duo training is for you. Don’t have the same sporting level? No problem for us. Your personal trainer will draw up a personal plan for both of you. You train together, each with an individual training programme aimed at your personal goals, wishes and physical capabilities;

SMALL group Training

Prefer to train with your own private group? No problem. Movement quality is paramount at Hybrid Performance Academy. This means that even if you come with a group, you will receive the same screening, measurements and intake per person individually. Gather your family and friends and get fit together!

Body check

Especially now, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, there are quite a few benefits to that, which come in handy now. Improve your immune system. Want to know if you are physically strong enough this autumn? We offer a comprehensive 30-minute zero-measurement so you immediately know how fit your body is. The Body Check is free for Personal Training members.