About us

Hybrid Performance is, as the name gives away, a hybrid method of training. Our trainers focus on three training objectives and bring them together in tailor-made training programmes. Size, speed, strength! That’s what Hyper Performance is all about.


At Hybrid Performance, we believe everyone has an athlete inside waiting to be unleashed. Our goal is to help you tap into that inner athlete and reach your true potential, regardless of your age or fitness level. We are passionate about providing an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals of all backgrounds can thrive.
Training to improve health is one of the most common goals in the sports world, but often vague and misunderstood. Simply put, it comes down to training all the different adaptations to train at a basic level. This means training strength and conditioning through all movements, speeds, intensities and ranges of motion. It is not similar to athletic performance training, it IS athletic performance training, just to a different degree.
Our mission is to focus on functional ‘rotational’ movement patterns, which are essential for both everyday activities and athletic performance. Unlike traditional training methods that focus on training muscle groups, we emphasise training movement patterns that make you stronger, faster, more powerful, and above all
better feeling and moving.
With strength and fitness in functional movements at the core, there are more detailed underlying qualities that need to be addressed to fully optimise the complex goal that is health. Training each quality at the right level will make you strong, but also flexible and agile. Making you energetic and explosive, but also durable and balanced. Our coaches will help you understand the theory of training for health to the core and let you experience it in practice.
Our team of experienced coaches is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals while prioritising injury prevention and long-term health. We offer a hybrid approach to strength training, making it the ultimate training strategy for speed, size, strength and conditioning. Are you ready to redefine what it means to be an athlete? Join us on our mission to bring awareness to athletics.
Together we are building a stronger, faster and more agile community. Welcome to Hybrid Performance where athletics thrives!

Duncan Boogards Elite Coaching Course

Welcome to an advanced coaching experience designed for leaders in the world of sport. As a sought-after top performance specialist, I have had the privilege of coaching world-class athletes, including kickboxing champion Jason Wilnis and MMA world champion Darhan Ergeshov.
Tailored for coaches, driven by results
Go with me on a transformational journey where we dive deep into data-driven techniques and uncover the secrets behind athletic peak performance. This course is designed exclusively for coaches who want to sharpen their skills and unlock unparalleled success for their athletes.
Proven expertise, global impact
By working with renowned clubs such as Werder Bremen and Borussia Dortmund, my
methods have resonated across Europe and the Middle East. Now I bring this expertise directly to you.
Discover the science of success
Experience a coaching paradigm in which every strategy is meticulously detailed to improve strength,
speed, agility and stamina. Our concise, results-oriented approach ensures that you gain practical insights that have a direct impact on your effectiveness as a coach.
Transform your coaching game today!
Be not just a coach, but an architect of peak performance. Join Duncan Boogaard’s Elite Performance course and lift your coaching skills to unprecedented heights. Ready to make champions? Let’s start now!


The gym



Hybrid Performance has many training options available. Personal Training is offered in one-to-one, duo, and private group format. All of these are led by a certified personal trainer which offers a personalised experience. Small-group training is similar to personal training only it is more fun as there are usually 4-8 people in a session and provides a high-energy atmosphere that keeps you motivated. 

Yes we have! The club offers the opportunity to take a quick shower after a workout. Our club has showers and bathrooms along with lockers. 

Sure! Together with our physiotherapists, we are happy to create a tailor-made workout. 

We offer wifi. Hybrid Performance has a separate password especially for members.