Our recreational kickboxing class is the perfect mix between intense physical activity and expert coaching to help you reach your fitness goal. Our experienced coaches will teach you basic kickboxing skills, from throwing punches correctly to footwork strategies, so if you're ready to take your kickboxing skills to the next level in a recreational and fun environment, look no further. environment, look no further. Join our gym and experience the perfect balance of technique-focused coaching and a fun, supportive community. Embrace the excitement of the sport and let us help you unleash your kickboxing potential.
Progress through lessons
High energy
Endurance, Precision, Agility
€75 per Month (2x Per week)
60 min
18:00 Tuesday & Thursday

Benefits of kickboxing

Kickboxing offers numerous benefits and combines cardiovascular
training with strength training for a comprehensive fitness experience. The high energy of
kickboxing sessions provides significant calorie burn, which helps with weight management and overall fat loss.
Loss. Kickboxing improves cardiovascular endurance, contributing to a healthier heart and
improved stamina. In addition, the variety of movements in kickboxing provides
muscular strength, flexibility and agility, making it an effective and versatile workout for people
who are looking for both physical fitness and stress reduction.

Physical benefits of boxing:

  • Getting very good aerobic fitness
  • Getting a metabolic workout effect
  • Burning a lot of calories 
  • Increasing strength, speed and hand-eye coordination

Mental benefits of kickboxing:

  • Reduced stress
  • Perseverance
  • Confident
  • High FUN factor

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