Strength is the ability to generate power. Conditioning is the ability to use that strength efficiently so that you can sustain it for longer periods of time without getting tired. If you want to be able to use your strength for more than just lifting weights, you need conditioning. In our Hybrid Conditioning class, we shift the focus from strength to building our body's vital energy systems. Our coaches will guide you through different conditioning methods, exactly the ones we have used with professional athletes for years to improve health and longevity. We favour conditioning methods, but in the Hybrid Conditioning class, we also include strength exercises to ensure you have a well-rounded workout. Prepare yourself for the next level!
Progress through lessons
High energy
Endurance, Precision, Agility
€75 per Month (2x Per week)
60 min

Benefits of hybrid fitness training

A hybrid fitness class offers a holistic fitness experience by combining different forms of training. Participants benefit from improved cardiovascular health as the class seamlessly integrates elements of intensive cardio with strength training. The varied workout routine improves overall muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, providing a versatile approach to physical fitness. Moreover, the versatility of a hybrid fitness class allows for continuous adaptation, preventing monotony and keeping participants engaged while multiple facets of their well-being.

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